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photo of <B>The Explorer</B>, Ng Eng Teng, 1999

The Explorer, Ng Eng Teng, 1999

ciment-fondu, stainless steel and gold leaf

commission: Singapore Art Museum, National Heritage Board

location: Singapore Art Museum

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How to explain this piece? Ng Eng Teng has given Singapore some of its most characteristic and charming public art. But I have spoken to no one who has anything positive to say about this piece. I certainly don't - the contrast of the solid forms and the metal outlines is far too simple-minded, and of course the entire work is weighed down, looking heavy and stolid. But perhaps you disagree. Please send your comments, and I will post them here.

text of the label affixed to the work:

Over the clouds Beyond the planets Our world Travels and explores The galaxy Created by Ng Eng Teng to commemorate the New Millennium, December 1999 ciment-fondu, stainless steel, gold leaf, 700 x 575 x 350 cm