links around the web

last updated 27/01/2001

Now supplanted by my collected links, here's a list of some of the things I was tracking circa 1997.

Content for New Platforms: Mobile, PDAs, Enhanced TV

Yahoo! -Digital and Interactive TV
Wireless Review
Advanced TV Enhancement Forum

MetaData, or, Revenge of the Librarians...

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
Seven Australian sites which feature heritage-related photographs are linked in this site, through the intelligent use of XML. Dublin Core standards have been used here, and PictureAustralia creates an index across sites by automatic processing of the XML data. This is the way to go...

Interesting Reference Sites: The Internet and Museums, Archives, and Encyclopedias

The Tech's Resources for Museum Professionals
The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
An interesting model: an online version of a print Encyclopedia, expanded in collaboration between local universities and heritage institutions.
Nupedia, the open content encyclopedia

E-Books, Print-on-Demand, Direct-to-Plate Printing

ePaperŪ Center Home
Print On Demand Initiative
GAIN -- Graphic Arts Information Network
Electronic Publishing - Prepress, Publishing, Printing

Digital Music Sites

MP3 Newswire
Yahoo! News Full Coverage-Digital Music Digital Music News

General Media Trade Rags - Jim Romenesko's Media News
Columbia Journalism Review

Design & Usability Resources

Western Civilisation Software
A very cool little Oz software company with some nice CSS resources. They are the publisher of StyleMaster, a CSS editor which I have found very useful. The manual is excellent.