Announcing the Launch of the Indonesian Heritage Series.

Launched November 21st 1996 in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Indonesian Heritage series is a 15-volume illustrated encyclopedia series for general and student readers. It focuses on the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Indonesian Archipelago. Written by leading Indonesian and international experts, the series covers a wealth of natural, cultural, and historical themes.

Fifteen volumes, each taking a separate subject, present material in an attractive and accessible way. Visuals range from old prints and documents to striking photographs and specially commissioned map and diagrams. Every page is in full colour.

On the web pages that follow we have prepared just a small sampling of the materials available in the Indonesian Heritage series. Please follow the links above and below for a glimpse of Indonesia's natural and cultural heritage:

1. Indonesia's Wildlife:
the Javan Hawk Eagle

2. Plants of Indonesia:
the World's Largest Flowers

3. Indonesian Seas:
Buginese Seafarers

4. Indonesia's Volcanoes:
Earthquakes in the Archipelago

5. Ancient History of Indonesia:
the Ancient Javanese art of Lost Wax gold casting

6. Early Modern History of the Indonesian Archipelago:
The Old Company: The Dutch East Indian Company

7. Merdeka!: Indonesia's Modern History:
The Battle for Surabaya

8. The Indonesian Economy:
The Changing Economic Profile: Industry, Services, Agriculture

9. Indonesian Human Environment:
Swidden Cultivation - What does it mean to Slash & Burn?

10. Religions and Rituals in Indonesia:
One God, a Diversity of Religions

11. Languages and Literatures of Indonesia:
The Tales of Panji

12. Indonesian Performing Arts:
The Clowns of the Shadow Play

13. Indonesian Adornment: Jewellery and Textiles:
The Lampung Wedding Dress of Sumatra

14. Architecture of Indonesia:
the Four Stages of Borobudur

15. Art in Indonesia:
Raden Saleh: Java's Artist Prince