PublicArtSG data goes into the public domain: Use it as you will!

I've stopped maintaining PublicArt.SG, the database of the art in Singapore's public spaces that I had maintained (at different web addresses) from 2001 to 2015. That was a pretty good run! The domain is now controlled by Chua Yun Loong whom I don't know, and have had no contact with.

For a description of the website and some of the ideas behind it, see this blog post in the digital humanities website HASTAC, by Elysian McNiff.

I've decided to put the data from that website into the public domain, to the extent I can. I've also passed a copy of the data to Singapore's Public Art Trust, but in the spirit of the enterprise I attach copies of the data here if anyone else would like to make use of it.

I'm also still running the PublicArtSg Twitter feed.

You can still find a much older version of the site at